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Parsimonies and Providence

The teleological/fine-tuning argument for God’s existence runs something like this: Look at how amazing the universe is! Look at how the universe had to be just right to turn out to be the kind of place that could sustain life! … Continue reading

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Christian Americans or American Christians?

I’ve recently noticed something a little strange about the relationship between politics and Christianity, something that can be seen by looking at some of the remarks in the above video. The speaker is Dinesh D’souza, a Dartmouth graduate, former policy … Continue reading

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Barth on Jerusalem and Athens (Sect. I)

I have a certain kind of system for organizing evidence when I want to make claims about God, a kind of “christian epistemology,” if you will. I take the bible seriously but not ultimately seriously. That some proposition is asserted … Continue reading

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A Letter from Issafou

Yesterday, I receive a letter that passionately and poignantly convicted me of a crime that I was unaware that I was committing. It read as follows: Dearest Sponsor, I am writing you to express an emotion that I have recently … Continue reading

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Why not a Practical Theology?

Today, I had the opportunity to spend some time reflecting on the future of the Church. It was deep stuff. Too deep, in fact, to be contained by a few minutes of  not-so-rigorous conversation. Hence, the continuation of my thoughts here. … Continue reading

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Darwall, Dignity, and Discipleship

Steven Darwall, in his book The Second Person Standpoint, writes, A second-personal reason is one whose validity depends on presupposed authority and accountability relations between persons and, therefore, on the possibility of the reason’s being addressed person-to-person. When we demand things … Continue reading

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Dancing with Death (part uno)

Most of us think we are going to die some day. I say “most” because some of us think that rather than dying, one day we are going to “wake up.” Some of us think that death is actually just … Continue reading

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