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On Buying a Ring “Like a Christian”

Pastor Dwayne Craig was one of the reasons this whole blog nonsense got started. He was the one who taught me, more than anything else, that whatever I do, I should do it as a Christian, which is just a … Continue reading

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Schwarzfahren is somewhat of a sport in certain parts of Europe. Young individuals ride public transportation without paying their proper dues, and attempt to avoid being caught by various security officers. They do it for the “adrenaline rush.” Connecting this … Continue reading

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Cameras and Christians

Think about a camera for a second. Its purpose is to essentially capture a moment that we value. The camera is a tool to capture and transmit moments that are valuable (artistically, personally, etc.). Christians (and other seekers of the … Continue reading

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On the Continuous Coercion of Clocks

It occurred to me this morning as I woke up feeling disgruntled about my lack of sleep that back in the day they didn’t have alarm clocks. I wonder how different life must have been without alarm clocks and all … Continue reading

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