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The Half-resurrection of God

Like I mentioned here, Nietzsche famously declared in The Gay Science that God is dead. Here is that passage that is quoted so often that its become almost cliche’: The madman jumped into their midst and pierced them with their … Continue reading

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“I have to get out of here”…”I can’t leave this”

Since I wrote about my grad school application anxieties in “Does it Matter if I Get In?” (and the sequel to that post), I have had several occasions where I have thought to myself, “I can’t leave this [to go … Continue reading

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Reminders: Photo Day 2

I like reminders. Its likely that I’m a fan of these notes because I’m not actually good enough to prioritize things in a way that I should (by Engaging in Elohiming), nor am I smart enough to remember everything that … Continue reading

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The Temple of the Appearence Deity: the Gym

Several days ago, I recognized the existence of other gods in the post entitled, “Engaging in Elohiming.” Drawing directly from some remarks that Borg made in his book The Heart Of Christianity, I named one of these deities “Appearance.” This … Continue reading

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