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Leaving Town as an Act of Faith

When I finally got all of my logistical nonsense worked out for moving to Boston, I stopped focusing so much on myself and started looking more at the people who I would be leaving behind. It was then that my … Continue reading

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Between Jerusalem and Athens: Ending Crappy Conversations

In the posts that I wrote here, here, and here, I wrote about how confusing it is to find a model for Loving and productive dialogue and about some of the consequences of conversing carelessly. Here, I’ve also written about … Continue reading

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With Fear and Trembling: A Cinematic Confession

In one my first posts, (which upon re-examining, seems to contain some ideas which are problematic) I looked at the faith of two of the characters, Cobb and Mal, and I remarked upon how each of their faith’s had radically … Continue reading

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Why Relativism Pleases

In his treatise, Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, David Hume provides an analysis of why utility “pleases.”  Essentially, he argues that because people are sympathetic, they approve of utility-producing actions. This analysis connects moral considerations with psychological ones. In … Continue reading

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An Etiology of My Lack of Empathy

Marcus Borg’s translation of Luke 6:36 reads like this: “Be compassionate as God is compassionate.” Compassion, for the Jews, meant something similar to “womb-like.” It meant a visceral feeling that was the result of another’s distressing situation. Martin Hoffman, a … Continue reading

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“I have to get out of here”…”I can’t leave this”

Since I wrote about my grad school application anxieties in “Does it Matter if I Get In?” (and the sequel to that post), I have had several occasions where I have thought to myself, “I can’t leave this [to go … Continue reading

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On Crappy Conversations (Part 2)

…The idea that we, as seekers of the Divine, have the “inside scoop” on how to behave morally requires that I call a great number of religious individuals fakers. Martin Luther, for example, was a pretty flamboyant racist. Much of … Continue reading

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