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Why I only do Philosophy of Religion on Thursdays

Since I’ve been in Boston amongst so many philosophical folk, I am often asked, “What are your philosophical interests?”¬†Usually, my response is this: ethics, epistemology…and philosophy of religion, depending on the day of the week. Last week, when I offered … Continue reading

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The Faith of Mahabra

Disembodied voice: Kill your son for me. Mahabra: What? Um…no? Where are you? Who are you? Disembodied voice: Don’t look for me around you. I am God. I am above you. Mahabra: I’m looking up and I still don’t see … Continue reading

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Are there Limitations to Axiological Faith? Nope.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about and developing an idea of axiological faith. This idea has been born mostly out of anxieties about graduate school and anxieties about whether certain desired conditions will obtain for a close friend of mine. Also … Continue reading

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