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Employment Ethics

I’m working on becoming a vegetarian, and I happen to think that there are at least two really good moral reasons for other folk to start working on that veg head project as well. I also happen to think that … Continue reading

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Barth on Jerusalem and Athens (Sect. I)

I have a certain kind of system for organizing evidence when I want to make claims about God, a kind of “christian epistemology,” if you will. I take the bible seriously but not ultimately seriously. That some proposition is asserted … Continue reading

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A Letter from Issafou

Yesterday, I receive a letter that passionately and poignantly convicted me of a crime that I was unaware that I was committing. It read as follows: Dearest Sponsor, I am writing you to express an emotion that I have recently … Continue reading

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Why not a Practical Theology?

Today, I had the opportunity to spend some time reflecting on the future of the Church. It was deep stuff. Too deep, in fact, to be contained by a few minutes of  not-so-rigorous conversation. Hence, the continuation of my thoughts here. … Continue reading

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Darwall, Dignity, and Discipleship

Steven Darwall, in his book The Second Person Standpoint, writes, A second-personal reason is one whose validity depends on presupposed authority and accountability relations between persons and, therefore, on the possibility of the reason’s being addressed person-to-person. When we demand things … Continue reading

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Christ aint no Cajoler

We spent a lot of time trying to persuade people to do things that, initially, they don’t want to do. We say things like, “Don’t study. Come check out this concert instead.” Or things like, “Look. I know you don’t … Continue reading

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