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The Harvest is Plenty…

During my time in Haiti, I had this overwhelming feeling that indeed “the harvest is plenty and the workers are few.” I felt an incredible motivation to work very hard at the construction project we were working on in Maisade. … Continue reading

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An Etiology of My Lack of Empathy

Marcus Borg’s translation of Luke 6:36 reads like this: “Be compassionate as God is compassionate.” Compassion, for the Jews, meant something similar to “womb-like.” It meant a visceral feeling that was the result of another’s distressing situation. Martin Hoffman, a … Continue reading

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Squaring Theological Circles, the Hermeneutics of Orthodoxy, and the God that Made it all Possible

I recently stumbled upon an additional reason to think that the God of theism (i.e., the omnibenevolent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient god) is a distinct god from Yahweh. Here is what I have found: Joshua 24: “[Yahweh] is a jealous God; … Continue reading

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In addition to the imperative that I felt to stay that I mentioned in my last post,  I also feel like this reapplication process for graduate school can be an opportunity for me to attempt to go through the process … Continue reading

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“I have to get out of here”…”I can’t leave this”

Since I wrote about my grad school application anxieties in “Does it Matter if I Get In?” (and the sequel to that post), I have had several occasions where I have thought to myself, “I can’t leave this [to go … Continue reading

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On Crappy Conversations (Part 2)

…The idea that we, as seekers of the Divine, have the “inside scoop” on how to behave morally requires that I call a great number of religious individuals fakers. Martin Luther, for example, was a pretty flamboyant racist. Much of … Continue reading

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On Crappy Conversations (Part 1)

Conversations are often frustrating and counter-productive. Conversations about ethics, philosophy, religion, and politics are particularly incendiary. Indeed, politics and religion are sometimes explicitly forbidden as topics of dinner conversation.  These topics are arguably the most important things we could be … Continue reading

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