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On Buying a Ring “Like a Christian”

Pastor Dwayne Craig was one of the reasons this whole blog nonsense got started. He was the one who taught me, more than anything else, that whatever I do, I should do it as a Christian, which is just a … Continue reading

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Why Inerrancy Doesn’t Matter (that much): An Anti-anxiety Treatment for the Spirit

“I’m going to get run over by a bus or struck by lightning for saying that!” This was the thought that ran through my head shortly after I uttered the words, “Maybe the bible isn’t perfect.” When I first uttered … Continue reading

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The Eternal Inch: V for Vendetta and Whether God Gives a Crap about the “Self”

Every 5th of November, I watch the movie V for Vendetta. (If you’ve seen the movie, you get the significance of that date.) This time when I watched the film I got to look for the Divine. I got to, … Continue reading

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To Pick Off Caterpillars

A question is raised about those angels who live with us, serving and guarding us, as to whether or not they have less joy in identity than the angels in Heaven have and whether they are hindered at all in … Continue reading

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