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Are there Limitations to Axiological Faith? Nope.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about and developing an idea of axiological faith. This idea has been born mostly out of anxieties about graduate school and anxieties about whether certain desired conditions will obtain for a close friend of mine. Also … Continue reading

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A Theological Lesson from Once Upon a Time: “Happily Ever After” as a Heuristic for Heaven and Hatred

Yesterday, while watching Once Upon a Time, I made an interesting realization. The realization came as I saw the interaction between two sets of characters on the show. That interaction is captured particularly well in one exchange between one of … Continue reading

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I am an Addict

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Our America that featured a group of heroine addicts from the city of Ohio. It was quite puzzling for the first half hour of the show how these people could recognize the destructive impact … Continue reading

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A Sermon From The Simpsons

I grew up in a house where the television show The Simpsons was off limits. I’ve never been particularly fond of the few minutes of the show that I’ve seen since I’ve been away from my rents, but for some … Continue reading

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HeaVen and Escapism

Had a “V” themed dream last night: I was with a group of people that we’re fighting against the destruction of the earth. It appeared for a moment that I was lost, but I stumbled upon another secret hiding place … Continue reading

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Faith and Human Dignity in V

2 themes in particular jumped out at me as I watched V yesterday: Faith is a recurring theme in the show V. The show features a priest as one of the main protagonists, so they have all sorts of character … Continue reading

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