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Rules for Wrestling: How to Doubt Like a Believer

There is no doubt in my mind that the phrase “to doubt like a believer” will sound weird – and maybe even impossible – to the minds of┬ámany readers. In our modern world, these words have come to have a … Continue reading

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Leaving Town as an Act of Faith

When I finally got all of my logistical nonsense worked out for moving to Boston, I stopped focusing so much on myself and started looking more at the people who I would be leaving behind. It was then that my … Continue reading

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A Theological Lesson from Once Upon a Time: “Happily Ever After” as a Heuristic for Heaven and Hatred

Yesterday, while watching Once Upon a Time, I made an interesting realization. The realization came as I saw the interaction between two sets of characters on the show. That interaction is captured particularly well in one exchange between one of … Continue reading

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Jesus and Pharasaic Other

Lately, I’ve found that I’m becoming the kind of person that has an Other, a kind of conceptual (and sometimes actual) antagonist. In Otherizing someone, one perpetually takes a negative caricaturization and applies it to individuals that exhibit certain kinds … Continue reading

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