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The Half-resurrection of God

Like I mentioned here, Nietzsche famously declared in The Gay Science that God is dead. Here is that passage that is quoted so often that its become almost cliche’: The madman jumped into their midst and pierced them with their … Continue reading

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To the (un)Happy Nihilist

Dearest unhappy nihilist, You do not know me, but I write to you as a brother. (Excuse me if I have mistaken your gender. Remember, I do not know you.) I know that, in your current place, the brotherhood relationship … Continue reading

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How to Fail at Reading the Bible: An Eisegetical Taxonomy

Sometimes I’m not so sure that we are really successful at reading the bible. This might be surprising considering the important place that the bible holds in many Christians lives, but I really do think that something less than ideal … Continue reading

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Waiting for Goddot and a Soteriological Predicament

Among the many interesting segments of dialogue in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Goddot is a segment that raises a predicament that is related to one that I pointed out when discussing what this blog is about. Here is the segment … Continue reading

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Between Jerusalem and Athens: Ending Crappy Conversations

In the posts that I wrote here, here, and here, I wrote about how confusing it is to find a model for Loving and productive dialogue and about some of the consequences of conversing carelessly. Here, I’ve also written about … Continue reading

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