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Parsimonies and Providence

The teleological/fine-tuning argument for God’s existence runs something like this: Look at how amazing the universe is! Look at how the universe had to be just right to turn out to be the kind of place that could sustain life! … Continue reading

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Darwall, Dignity, and Discipleship

Steven Darwall, in his book The Second Person Standpoint, writes, A second-personal reason is one whose validity depends on presupposed authority and accountability relations between persons and, therefore, on the possibility of the reason’s being addressed person-to-person. When we demand things … Continue reading

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French Philosophers, Frodo, and 50/50

Recently, I’ve been pretty anxious about my future. And why shouldn’t I be? I’ve selected a career that is often, at best, incomprehensible to the majority of society and, at worst, considered to be nothing more than bull shitting in … Continue reading

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Yeah…we aren’t actually that smart

Lately, it seems like I’ve been encountering the same situation over and over again: I keep seeing (or conversing with people) who are very comfortable with making extremely bold claims about things in which they have no expertise. Everyone, it … Continue reading

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To Pick Off Caterpillars

A question is raised about those angels who live with us, serving and guarding us, as to whether or not they have less joy in identity than the angels in Heaven have and whether they are hindered at all in … Continue reading

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The Half-resurrection of God

Like I mentioned here, Nietzsche famously declared in The Gay Science that God is dead. Here is that passage that is quoted so often that its become almost cliche’: The madman jumped into their midst and pierced them with their … Continue reading

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Teaching Philosophy Like a Lover (Part I)

Since I am interested in becoming a philosophy professor, I thought it might be worth my time to reflect on the types of qualities that I would like to possess and on how those qualities relate to my overarching goal … Continue reading

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