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Hope for the Hateful (us)

I saw something amazing today, but before I can actually tell you what it is, you need to know some background information. Siraj Wahhaj, a supposedly controversial speaker, spoke at venue near me recently. Months before his visit, I received … Continue reading

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Jesus and Jihad

“For the sake of Allah, he will sacrifice his time, his wealth, and his life in jihad against any who stand in the way of the propagation of Islam and the rights of all people.” This quote is taken from … Continue reading

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Reminders: Photo Day 2

I like reminders. Its likely that I’m a fan of these notes because I’m not actually good enough to prioritize things in a way that I should (by Engaging in Elohiming), nor am I smart enough to remember everything that … Continue reading

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Indirectness, the Subsequent Messiness, and Cereal: Photo Day 1

This image is often the first thing that I see when I wake up. In fact, it is precisely this image that plays a role in waking me up. Well, at least the photons bouncing off of the wall and … Continue reading

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Switching Up The Project

Yesterday was the third day that I’ve failed at this project in the past two weeks. I know that, for me, this project is becoming a bit contrived. This is something I should of expected. David Crowder talks about this … Continue reading

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Signs, Hunger, and Bread-Life

John 6: 30 So they asked him, “What sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you? What will you do? (Its interesting that contemporary individuals are often seen as especially skeptical. Indeed, I often look … Continue reading

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Firework: Theodicy according to Katy Perry

“Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin Like a house of cards One blow from caving in” I’ve never looked at the words of this song before, but it turns out that they might be quite useful in thinking … Continue reading

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