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Parsimonies and Providence

The teleological/fine-tuning argument for God’s existence runs something like this: Look at how amazing the universe is! Look at how the universe had to be just right to turn out to be the kind of place that could sustain life! … Continue reading

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2 Thoughts: Texts as Spring-boards and Belief Vacillaiton as the interplay between ready-to-hand and present-to-hand

I’ve had a couple of interesting thoughts today. The first of them is basically an introspective thought. I’ve been reluctant to read the bible lately because I feel like I lack the interpretive tools to come out with a proper … Continue reading

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The Faith of Mahabra

Disembodied voice: Kill your son for me. Mahabra: What? Um…no? Where are you? Who are you? Disembodied voice: Don’t look for me around you. I am God. I am above you. Mahabra: I’m looking up and I still don’t see … Continue reading

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Why Inerrancy Doesn’t Matter (that much): An Anti-anxiety Treatment for the Spirit

“I’m going to get run over by a bus or struck by lightning for saying that!” This was the thought that ran through my head shortly after I uttered the words, “Maybe the bible isn’t perfect.” When I first uttered … Continue reading

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To the (un)Happy Nihilist

Dearest unhappy nihilist, You do not know me, but I write to you as a brother. (Excuse me if I have mistaken your gender. Remember, I do not know you.) I know that, in your current place, the brotherhood relationship … Continue reading

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How to Fail at Reading the Bible: An Eisegetical Taxonomy

Sometimes I’m not so sure that we are really successful at reading the bible. This might be surprising considering the important place that the bible holds in many Christians lives, but I really do think that something less than ideal … Continue reading

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A rather serious “Would you rather…”

While walking to a class earlier today, an odd question popped into my mind: Would you rather live forever in obscurity or die and be remembered by posterity? I thought for some time about this question. I value existing. Who … Continue reading

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