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Jesus, the Least of These, and Alabaster Jars

For at least the past couple years, I’ve been thinking about a tension between two seemingly Divine dictates: (1) We have a pretty serious obligation to the world’s poor, an obligation that makes actions like buying computer games for our … Continue reading

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French Philosophers, Frodo, and 50/50

Recently, I’ve been pretty anxious about my future. And why shouldn’t I be? I’ve selected a career that is often, at best, incomprehensible to the majority of society and, at worst, considered to be nothing more than bull shitting in … Continue reading

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Yeah…we aren’t actually that smart

Lately, it seems like I’ve been encountering the same situation over and over again: I keep seeing (or conversing with people) who are very comfortable with making extremely bold claims about things in which they have no expertise. Everyone, it … Continue reading

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