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Christian Americans or American Christians?

I’ve recently noticed something a little strange about the relationship between politics and Christianity, something that can be seen by looking at some of the remarks in the above video. The speaker is Dinesh D’souza, a Dartmouth graduate, former policy … Continue reading

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The Harvest is Plenty…

During my time in Haiti, I had this overwhelming feeling that indeed “the harvest is plenty and the workers are few.” I felt an incredible motivation to work very hard at the construction project we were working on in Maisade. … Continue reading

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An Evaluation of the Embarking on Epistemological Endeavors

The New York Times recently printed an article which discusses the merits of liberal education. The points offered in favor a liberal education attempted to show that that it produced individuals capable of competing in the current economy and that … Continue reading

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Meditating on a Magnanimous Mormon and the Musings of Malevolent People

Patrick Hiltbrand is a mormon who is dedicated to God. He is more dedicated, perhaps, than I am to God. He is remaining in Japan after the earthquake to help people “salvage their lives.” After such a dangerous experience, I … Continue reading

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No Love for “Love Wins”

I just watched the interview between Martin Bashir and Rob Bell about his new book Love Wins. While watching the interview, I was struck by how aggressive Bashir was with his line of questioning and how negatively Bell came off. … Continue reading

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Hope for the Hateful (us)

I saw something amazing today, but before I can actually tell you what it is, you need to know some background information. Siraj Wahhaj, a supposedly controversial speaker, spoke at venue near me recently. Months before his visit, I received … Continue reading

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Jesus and Jihad

“For the sake of Allah, he will sacrifice his time, his wealth, and his life in jihad against any who stand in the way of the propagation of Islam and the rights of all people.” This quote is taken from … Continue reading

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