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Escaping this “Mad World”

I’ve heard this song a bunch of times, but I just recently looked at the lyrics. There’s something interesting going on in these words: All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, Worn out faces Bright and early for … Continue reading

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On Crappy Conversations – Why do we (Christians) “freak out” over Evolution in Schools (and in general)?

This video features several Miss USA contestants attempting to answer the question, “Should evolution be taught in schools?” Their less than cogent responses have already gained them some notoriety on the internet. Their responses, however, are less interesting than the … Continue reading

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“God is not a white man”

A while back I had the opportunity to serve communion. I was not particularly excited about the job. It was just another Christian ritual that had melted into the mundane. About half way through serving communion, I began to feel … Continue reading

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No Love for “Love Wins”

I just watched the interview between Martin Bashir and Rob Bell about his new book Love Wins. While watching the interview, I was struck by how aggressive Bashir was with his line of questioning and how negatively Bell came off. … Continue reading

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Can We Get a Napkin – 2 Responses to a Spontaneous Encounter with the Divine

The spontaneous food court musical put on by Improv Everywhere is, in my opinion, a Youtube classic. The final note of the musical is preceding by a camera shot of a little girl watching the spectacle. Her expression in is … Continue reading

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