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Christian Americans or American Christians?

I’ve recently noticed something a little strange about the relationship between politics and Christianity, something that can be seen by looking at some of the remarks in the above video. The speaker is Dinesh D’souza, a Dartmouth graduate, former policy … Continue reading

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Are there Limitations to Axiological Faith? Nope.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about and developing an idea of axiological faith. This idea has been born mostly out of anxieties about graduate school and anxieties about whether certain desired conditions will obtain for a close friend of mine. Also … Continue reading

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French Philosophers, Frodo, and 50/50

Recently, I’ve been pretty anxious about my future. And why shouldn’t I be? I’ve selected a career that is often, at best, incomprehensible to the majority of society and, at worst, considered to be nothing more than bull shitting in … Continue reading

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The Eternal Inch: V for Vendetta and Whether God Gives a Crap about the “Self”

Every 5th of November, I watch the movie V for Vendetta. (If you’ve seen the movie, you get the significance of that date.) This time when I watched the film I got to look for the Divine. I got to, … Continue reading

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With Fear and Trembling: A Cinematic Confession

In one my first posts, (which upon re-examining, seems to contain some ideas which are problematic) I looked at the faith of two of the characters, Cobb and Mal, and I remarked upon how each of their faith’s had radically … Continue reading

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What are we doing here?

Now in a being which has reason and a will, if the proper object of nature were its conservation, its welfare, in a word, its happiness, then nature would have hit upon a very bad arrangement in selecting the reason … Continue reading

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A Meaningful Life-Story

No one wants to die Harold. But unfortunately, we can’t avoid it. Harold. Harold, listen to me: You will die, someday…sometime. Heart failure at the bank, coke on a mint, some long, drawn out diease you contracted on vacation. You … Continue reading

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HeaVen and Escapism

Had a “V” themed dream last night: I was with a group of people that we’re fighting against the destruction of the earth. It appeared for a moment that I was lost, but I stumbled upon another secret hiding place … Continue reading

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Inception and Faith

Inception was on my mind this morning when I woke, and in keeping with the spirit of this blog, I decided to explore/connect some of the ideas presented in the film with following God. One of the central themes in … Continue reading

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