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Are they really “going to hell?”: A Problem with my Heretical Soteriology

Soteriology is the theory or study of salvation. My soteriology is heretical in that I do not think that “accepting Jesus” in the orthodox sense of the phrase is at all consistent with the goodness of the Good One, nor with what I … Continue reading

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The Contagion: Perfect Love

To catch a glimpse of true love is a rare thing indeed. Today, I saw such love, and it was sight that helped me break free of my most recent pattern of addiction. The connection between these two events is … Continue reading

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Why Relativism Pleases

In his treatise, Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, David Hume provides an analysis of why utility “pleases.”  Essentially, he argues that because people are sympathetic, they approve of utility-producing actions. This analysis connects moral considerations with psychological ones. In … Continue reading

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