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Why I’m Confused about my Upcoming Wedding

I’m getting married soon. Of course, I’m super stoked about the upcoming wedding. I cannot wait to start taking the world by storm with my best friend and bride to be. I’m definitely looking forward, moreover, to kicking off our … Continue reading

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Should there be stricter gun-laws?

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting has reinvigorated the gun-control debate in America. The debate centers around this question: How ought we – as makers and members of this democracy – respond to this tragedy? Some have called for a change … Continue reading

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Parsimonies and Providence

The teleological/fine-tuning argument for God’s existence runs something like this: Look at how amazing the universe is! Look at how the universe had to be just right to turn out to be the kind of place that could sustain life! … Continue reading

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Christian Americans or American Christians?

I’ve recently noticed something a little strange about the relationship between politics and Christianity, something that can be seen by looking at some of the remarks in the above video. The speaker is Dinesh D’souza, a Dartmouth graduate, former policy … Continue reading

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Jesus and Individuality

I just read something that reminded me of Jesus: Persons of genius are, ex vi termini, more individual than any other people…If they are of a strong character, and break their fetters, they become a mark for the society which … Continue reading

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Employment Ethics

I’m working on becoming a vegetarian, and I happen to think that there are at least two really good moral reasons for other folk to start working on that veg head project as well. I also happen to think that … Continue reading

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Pens, Some varieties of Theism, and the Essence of My Religion (part 1)

In this post, I attempted to explain (to myself) the reasons why I’m only occasionally interested in doing philosophy of religion. I concluded that one of the main reasons was the pretty radical belief vacillation that occurs when I begin … Continue reading

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