The Harvest is Plenty…

During my time in Haiti, I had this overwhelming feeling that indeed “the harvest is plenty and the workers are few.” I felt an incredible motivation to work very hard at the construction project we were working on in Maisade. I remember the Haitians with whom I was working teasing me a bit because of my overzealous work ethic. I have not felt that way since, and I think it is because I have not been as fully immersed in the brokenness of the world since my time in Haiti. Looking at the news this morning, I finally got to feel some of that motivation…

Moroccan men manufacture massive explosions meant to make people terrified while the even larger unpeace in The Middle East keeps killing those who desire to be free.

Wildfires rage on toward the destitute dwellings of Mexican families while Southerners find themselves in the wake of a series of terrible winds.

People close to me live broken lives. They are shells of who they can be. They are zombies: living, but dead. Indeed I am one of those people. I am broken, a zombie, an addict.

In this moment, however, I am a worker in Love’s harvest of the unloved, for I see that the panacea is participating in the perpetuation of a Love’s Kingdom. May Love bring me back to this moment if I stray too far.

(A Parenthetical Point: It is interesting that Jesus’ call for us to be workers contains no guilt-laden language. Our identity as workers is not one that is tainted by the notion that we are making more work for ourselves my our unloving natures. Instead, it seems that Jesus wants us to see ourselves as above the fray. Perhaps insofar as we are focused on Love, we are? Is there a conflict here between Jesus and “Christianity?”)

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