Meditating on a Magnanimous Mormon and the Musings of Malevolent People

Patrick Hiltbrand is a mormon who is dedicated to God. He is more dedicated, perhaps, than I am to God. He is remaining in Japan after the earthquake to help people “salvage their lives.” After such a dangerous experience, I would be inclined to leave Japan. Indeed, upon realizing that Haiti could be such a destructive place (after the earthquake in 2010), I was reluctant in even thinking about returning. One think is clear: Patrick is a paragon of piety.

Discussion surrounding Patrick’s actions, however, are much more confusing. Why is it that the comments that follow the article depict a diatribe-filled debate between theists and atheists? How is it that an article that details such fantastic love could inspire anything other than love?

Ratiocinating en-route to my residence I had a rather interesting thought: what if these internet interlocutors are modern day instances of the ancient portrayal of pharisaic persons? The pharisees are consistently portrayed as hypocrites throughout the gospels. Do these digital debates contain the same sort of hypocrisy? These individuals vehemently voice their opinions about improving the world by removing or retaining religion, yet this individual has clearly done a good thing.

(Typically, I laugh at, what I think are, foolish discussions, but perhaps the existence of these discussion is not a laughing matter.)

What good to world is being added by arguing in an arguably unloving manner about metaphysical propositions?

But what do I do about this odd and unfortunate situation? The internet enables me to intervene in such discussions, and there have been situations where I’ve encountered these sorts of debates in person.

I am facing the Divine and posing these questions: Would it be wise to bring this to their attention? Would it be effective? Would it bring heaven a little closer to earth?

If Jesus could intervene in the debates in such a powerful way, perhaps, with God’s help I could do the same…

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