Grace in German Class

We received our tests back for my German class this week. Because the grades were a bit lower than the professor wanted, she proceeded to announce that we could correct our tests and receive a curve once we turned our tests in.

This seems like an excellent picture of what grace is and is not. First, the prof’s actions are seemingly motivated by a desire for us to learn the material. Second, she recognizes that we are more likely to learn the material if we are given this opportunity to correct our tests. Finally, she not interested in merely giving away points, for that does not entail us actually learning the material.

Parallels can be drawn in these ways. God also has a desire for us to learn (in our case, it is to learn how to be truly human). Moreover, God’s response to our failure is not insta-damnation, but instead God pursues us all the more.

Here’s a more controversial parallel: God does not look backwards. In the same way that my German prof. was not obsessed about us violating her expectations for the test, I am skeptical that God is so focused on the past sins of people. This focus, it seems, was not born out of love, but out of a focus on retributive justice. (def. could be wrong about this parallel)

May God’s grace (whatever it looks like) be evermore present in my life.

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