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Me, myself, he, and Christianity

This is the second day in a row that I awoke thinking about the faith! Perhaps I’m starting to suck less. What’s interesting is that I was looking at Christianity from this detatched perspective. I was viewing it as if … Continue reading

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Evidence That I Suck

For the first time in 44 days (since I started this project), I woke up this morning thinking about my life as a disciple. For someone who is supposed to be devoted to following God, this is a pretty sad … Continue reading

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Why do I get a “kick” out of Violence?

What is it about violent video games that make them so fun? Is there some sort of hidden nefarious nature of mine that is expressed through the digital destruction of others? This is not a question that I typically ask. … Continue reading

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A Sermon From The Simpsons

I grew up in a house where the television show The Simpsons was off limits. I’ve never been particularly fond of the few minutes of the show that I’ve seen since I’ve been away from my rents, but for some … Continue reading

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“They Suck”

Disappointment was on my mind this morning. I think my sentiments could be characterized as more than just disappointment, however. I think, as the title indicates, there was some judgment going on in my head towards these particular individuals. Judgment, … Continue reading

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Niceness = Creepy?

Typically, whenever I encounter an individual who strikes me as particularly “nice” I say something like, “that person is nicer than Jesus,” and I mean it in a sort of teasing and endearing way. Today, however, I encountered someone who’s … Continue reading

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Paul and Pain

The pain that I was experiencing yesterday was a result of my visiting the Appearence deity’s temple. Usually, when I’m sore from working out, I’m a pretty happy camper. The soreness reminds me that I’ve worked sufficiently hard to grow … Continue reading

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