Switching Up The Project

Yesterday was the third day that I’ve failed at this project in the past two weeks. I know that, for me, this project is becoming a bit contrived.

This is something I should of expected. David Crowder talks about this “boring stage” whenever we are forming a new habit in his book Praise Habit. Crowder decided to salute people whenever he first met them without explanation. At first, it was a thrilling habit. It was one that always tickled him. After a while, however, his salute lost its appeal, and it became to routine. Perhaps this is what is occurring with the project.

Either way, I’m switching things up for this week. For the next seven days, I’ll be waking up early, snagging a camera, and trying to find God in my visual surroundings. I’ll snap the picture of interest and post it here along with the traditional connection to the faith. Hopefully, switching the project will renew my interest. Moreover, this new method of “aiming” may allow me to spend some time slowing down and beholding the stunning beauty of the world I find myself in, which will certainly result in me praising the Divine one.

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