Protagonist Pirates?

“The media is a window into the soul of the culture.” These are seemingly wise words of a friend and mentor, but are they true words?

Take the example of Pirates of the Caribbean. I went on that ride today, and I was struck by the juxtaposition of murder, rape, and destruction with comedy, whimsical music, and a protagonistic portrayal of the pirates who perpetuated perfidiousness.

If this is a window into the soul of the culture, then there are some interesting things going on inside of us. Jack Sparrow is a very different kind of hero from Odyssus, the tragic hero. Sparrow is different from the heros of Tolkien or Rowling or (Stan) Lee or…you get it.

With pirates, we have a protagonization of those who are unapologetically a moral failure. What does this mean?

Perhaps nothing at all. Perhaps I’m taking myself a little too seriously. That seems pretty likely.

On the other hand, I have to wonder if the people of the 50s would have bought Jack Sparrow and the whole pirate thing. I have to wonder, if its the case that they wouldn’t, why?

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